The name Chemtex simply depicts 'Technology in Chemistry'. Chemtex, an advanced technology driven company has been in the core sector of speciality chemicals for 46 years, since 1970.
Acid Inhibitor
Housekeeping Chemicals
Agro Chemicals
Foaming and Defoaming Agent
Automotive Chemicals
Boiler Chemicals
Cooling Tower Chemicals
Oil Field Chemicals
Drinking Water Chemicals
Effluent Treatment Chemical
Performance Chemicals
Laundry Chemical
Heat Transfer Fluid
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
Descaling Chemicals
Aquaculture Chemicals
Chelating Agents and Sequesterants
Chemical Compounds
Cleaning Chemicals
Construction Chemicals
Coolant Additives
Dairy Chemicals
Degreasing Chemicals
Hospital Disinfectant
Industry Specific Chemicals
Metal Treatment Chemicals
Pharma Maintenance Chemicals
Polymers & Phosphonates
Poultry Disinfectant
RO Chemicals
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Water Treatment Chemicals
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