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Acid Thickener

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Bunch 
Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactured product Acid Thickener serves as a unique blend of hydrotropic surfactants, fragrance, odor suppressant, and dye which together becomes the best choice for formulators to easily formulate a Toilet cleaner by simply adding the Acid Thickener to dilute hydrochloric acid.

It is a complete combination of all ingredients required to make a premium toilet cleaner with least hassle of formulation, inventory and logistics to the formulator.

Direction for Use
Simply take 725 ltrs of soft water in an open mouth HDPE drum, add 25 kgs of Acid Thickener with continuous stirring, after proper mixing slowly add 250 kgs of HCL (30-33%). Immediately upon addition of HCL, the solution turns blue in color and becomes viscous. Stir the solution for about 10 minutes and leave for about a day for curing and thickening. Send for packaging.

Air Freshener Concentrate

Dettol Type Hand Wash

Dishwashing Liquids

Fabric Softener Concentrate

Harpic Type Toilet Cleaner

How to Make Glass Cleaner at Home

Lizol type Floor Cleaner

Make Harpic Type Toilet Cleaner At Home

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Bunch 
Toilet Cleaner Concentrates enable chemical formulators to make and resell their own toilet cleaner, with desired characteristics. It is a concentrated product that has to be further diluted with an aqueous Hydrochloric Acid solution to make it a ready-to-use toilet cleaning solution such as Harpic Toilet Cleaner. Toilet Cleaner Concentrate can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. Manufactured using finest grade materials, these Toilet Cleaner Concentrate chemicals possess high functional efficiency with longer shelf life. End use Toilet Cleaners help in effective cleaning of toilet bowls and urinals. It effectively helps in removing stains and deposits from urinals and toilet bowls. Regular use of the product even aids to hinder lime scale build-up.Features and Benefits:• Easy to make end use harpic like toilet cleaner• Effectively removes stains and odour• Clears depositions in urinals and toilet bowls• Regular use prohibits lime scale build up• Possess high functional efficiency with longer shelf life

Pearly Hand Wash Concentrate

Toilet Cleaner Concentrate

White Phenyl Floor Disinfectant

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Bunch 
Chemtex formulated product White Phenyl Floor Disinfectant are referred to as pine oil emulsion in water. This product serves as a very good cleaner exhibiting disinfection and deodorizing properties. White phenyl finds wide spread use and acceptance as hard surface cleaner for the removal of greasy, oily and fatty soils or various non-porous hard surfaces like bathroom marbles, floors, etc.

White Phenyl Floor Disinfectant help in the removal of dirt and grim and leave all surfaces and atmosphere pleasantly smelling. Its application areas being hospitals, clinics, veterinary clinics, homes, restaurants, factories, food establishments, offices, shops, schools, institutions,
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